HEDGE Gallery is located within the 78th Street Studios arts complex, and is owned and operated by artist Hilary Gent, who has spent the last ten years staging public exhibits, launching art walks, and planning elaborate receptions for individuals and organizations, all of which have transformed the way residents and visitors view Northeast Ohio. 

The Gallery represents the freshest contemporary art in this region, with a roster of 15 established artists who are diverse in technique and style. Hilary Gent specializes in curating compelling art work into offsite spaces such as offices, hotels, and homes, and can be hired for art delivery and installation services. Many of our represented artists can be hired to work on commission projects as well.

The mission and motivation behind HEDGE Gallery is to present a vehicle for elevating accessibility to the arts, and continue creative collaboration with surrounding communities and businesses in Ohio and beyond. 

For questions or to make an appointment to view specific work, please contact gallery director Hilary Gent at hilary@hedgeartgallery.com or 216-650-4201.

Please view our calendar for upcoming exhibitions and events.